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Explanation of exhaust gas treatment by ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-28

1. Principle of ultraviolet light oxygen catalytic technology for industrial waste gas treatment: 1. Ultraviolet is composed of electromagnetic waves, and its own energy is directly related to wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy. This product uses a special high-energy high-ozone UV beam (Wavelength range 170 ~ 184. 9nm), Irradiation of malodorous gases and organic gases ( Such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, carbon disulfide and styrene, sulfide H2S, VOC, benzene, toluene, xylene) When these gases absorb this kind of ultraviolet light, the energy carried by the ultraviolet light itself makes the organic gas or malodorous gas molecules cracked inside, and the chemical bonds are broken to form free atoms or groups. 2. Use high-energy and high-ozone UV ultraviolet light beam to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen, I . e. reactive oxygen species. Due to the instability of free oxygen, it needs to combine with oxygen molecules to generate ozone. UV + O2 & rarr; O-O * (Reactive oxygen species)O * O2 & rarr; O3 (Ozone). At the same time, the oxygen in the mixed gas is cracked by ultraviolet light to produce hydroxyl groups (UV H2O & rarr; H OH-(Hydroxyl)) As we all know, these generated ozone and hydroxyl groups have a strong oxidation effect on organic matter and have an immediate removal effect on malodorous gases and other irritating peculiar smells. 3. After the malodorous gas is input to the purification equipment by using the exhaust equipment, the purification equipment uses high-energy UV ultraviolet light beam and ozone to carry out cooperative decomposition and oxidation reaction of the malodorous gas, the malodorous gas substances are degraded and converted into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged outdoors through exhaust pipes. 4. Use high-energy UV beams to crack the molecular bonds of bacteria in malodorous gases and destroy the nucleic acids of bacteria (DNA) , And then through the ozone oxidation reaction, completely achieve the purpose of deodorization and killing bacteria. second, the poor quality of the exhaust gas treatment UV lamp: 1, the status of the exhaust gas treatment UV lamp: low UV irradiation intensity, ozone concentration is not up to standard, the lamp life is short and easy to burn! 254nm and 185nm ultraviolet lamps are emitted at the same time after mercury atoms are excited. Conventional ultraviolet lamps without ozone with a wavelength of only 254NM are added with TI (Titanium), Filtered out 185nm ultraviolet. The dual-band ozone ultraviolet lamp directly uses the transparent quartz tube without TI. 2. Although the proportion of radiation in the 254 and 185 bands of ultraviolet lamps will not change after mercury atoms are excited, however, the proportion and attenuation degree of the 185 wave band of the ultraviolet lamp from the wall of the quartz glass tube are greatly affected by the selected quartz glass material and the treatment method for the quartz glass. Therefore, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the requirement of 185nm ultraviolet light on the selected quartz material. At present, the uv germicidal lamp and oxygen lamps commonly used in the market are some ultraviolet lamps with low ozone content. The selected shi ying glass generally has a hydroxyl content of less than 15PPM, an impurity content of less than 50MMP and a purity of 99. 9% quartz glass, this kind of material can be used in general UV lamps for UV sterilization purposes, because the transmission of UV rays at 254nm wavelength is relatively less demanding, however, the transmission of 185nm vacuum ultraviolet rays requires relatively high materials, and the hydroxyl content of the real high ozone uv photooxygen lamp is less than 5PPM (Actually close to 0) The impurity content is less than 20MMP and the purity is 99. 999% quartz glass, the uv germicidal lamp oxygen tube made of this kind of quartz glass is about 30% higher than the conventional market uv lamp ozone output rate. This is not the key yet, the most important thing is that this real high-ozone special Shi Ying glass has a maximum attenuation of 185nm ultraviolet rays of only 20℃ in its 10000-hour life, while the conventional ozone ultraviolet lamp is subject to the attenuation of 185nm ultraviolet rays in 3000 or 4000 hours of lighting. the material affects nearly 50%! This is the main reason why the effect is worse in the future. Three, good quality exhaust gas treatment UV lamp: low failure rate, long service life, high ozone, UV irradiation intensity is higher than that of similar products on the market. Four, waste gas treatment UV Lamp Life: Bright Moon waste gas treatment uv uv lamp life, life is about 10000 hours, my classmates do waste gas equipment, I have been using this waste gas to treat UV lamps all the time, and the quality effect is not bad, so I recommend it to you for reference. V. Waste gas treatment harm of ultraviolet lamp: photooxygen catalytic equipment is mainly suitable for some toxic and harmful gases with high concentration, large gas volume and strong molecular structure stability, and uses artificially synthesized special wave band ultraviolet light to purify and treat waste gas, ultraviolet itself has the function of sterilization and deodorization. In different wave bands, it can achieve ideal decomposition and cracking function for oxygen and waste gas molecules in the air. You cannot touch or drink the polluted water source with your hands. The above is a description of some information about waste gas treatment of ultraviolet lamps. I hope it can help you. For more information about waste gas treatment of ultraviolet lamps, please refer to lyluvlight. Com official website.

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