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Exhaust Gas Treatment

UV photolysis purification technology is widely adopted in VOCs treatment, such as printing, coating, air treatment of wastewater plant, exhaust gas treatment, rubbish station, and chemical industry.

High ozone UV light at the wavelength of 185nm + 254nm is more used in waste air treatment and odor removal. 

185nm UV light +O2→O+ O- (Activated Oxygen)

O+ O- + O2→O3

O3+VOCs-H2O + CO2 (Oxidation reaction)

And under ultraviolet light 254nm, the odor gas molecular bond will decompose, the DNA of bacteria will get broken, and turn it into unstable C bond, -OH.

254nm UV light + odor gas→H2O + CO2 +low molecular compounds

Chemical and it’s molecular weight and ppm



Ultra Violet for VOCs Treatment Benefit

◎ Physical solution, the final come out products is CO2, water, low molecular compounds

◎ Low cost, and stable operation

◎ High removal rate, reaching standard discharge



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Liangyueliang uv light water treatment manufacturer will suggest it according to working sites needs, such as the air flow, installation area and application area etc.

Industry Application

Food processing

Poultry feeds

Printing and Package

Electronic Manufacturing


Waste water plant


Daily Chemical

Kitchen Lampblack purification

Warm Remind

UV light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Please do NOT expose yourself under the UV light.

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