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Everything About Commercial UV Light Air Purifier

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-19

Historically, UV light has been widely used to sterilize water, surfaces, and air. You may wonder if this technology can deal with airborne molds, germs, and bacteria in the air, or improve air quality in your home. This article is to specify how UV light air purifier works, whether it is effective at cleaning the air, and what its potential safety issues are. 

UV Light in Air Purifier: How It Work 

Unlike filters that mainly prevent contaminants from escaping into the air, the UV light in the air purification system has a more powerful function - it can kill all microorganisms around and damage the DNA they need to live. It plays an important disinfectant role in the commercial air purifier.

The principle of UV light air purifier to clean air is fairly simple: sufficient UV light in the air purify is lethal to many organic microbes. When these matters exposed to the UV light, the DNA they rely on to live is sufficiently destroyed, which triggers their self-destruct mechanism, rendering them harmless. However, there are limits to what UV light can do. It may be effective to kill or neutralize organic matters, but for other types of air pollutants, such as dust and gaseous VOC, it can do nothing about them. 

Therefore, most high-end commercial air purifiers are using a combination of UV lights and filters (HEPA filters) to achieve better purification. 

How Does the UV Light Air Purifier Clean the Air?

It has to do with the UV light as well as filters. As mentioned above, in the commercial air purifier, UV lights always work together with filters to better clean the air. Here is the process: Air is pulled into the purifier and passes through a fine filter where tiny particles like dust are collected; the air then enters into a small internal chamber with sufficient UV radiance. The UV light can effectively inactive or damage the DNA of many organic microbes, such as mold, germ, virus, and bacteria. Depending on the type of UV light air purifier, the air will then pass through another filter to further cleaning before being releasing into the room. 

Factors that Affect the Efficiency of UV Light Air Purifier 

Although the UV light may effectively inactivate microorganisms, whether it works in a commercial air purifier is another matter entirely. 

There are various factors affecting the efficiency of UV light purifier, including: How long the microbes are exposed to the UV light? What microbes are targeted to get deactivated? Whether the microbes directly contact with the UV light? What’s the design of the air purification system? How is the humidity and temperature in the room? As a result, not all UV light air purifiers are created equal, and their effectiveness, to some extent, highly depends on their designs and the environment.?

Considering the Safety Issues of UV Light Air Purifier 

Whenever you are looking for a UV light air purifier installed at home, the safety issue should be one of the most considerations. Most UV light purifiers are safe, but some produce ozone which is harmful to human beings, animals, and plants. There are many types of UV lights, including UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Among them, the UV-C light is the most hazardous but the best ally in air purification. 

Some manufacturers use a special coating on the UV lamps to keeps them from producing too much ozone, reducing the harmful effects. And by surrounding the UV light commercial air purifier with dark metal or plastic, it could also effectively keep the UV light inside the appliance.? Among so many types of UV light air purifiers currently on the market, you have to be extremely careful when choosing as some can produce a large amount of ozone that is hazardous to health. 

Final Thought of UV Light Air Purifier 

The UV light air purifier is relatively new to the market, but the system is developing rapidly. The UV light air purification system can offer some type of disinfection capability. It can kill microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Things like pollen and pet dander can also be eliminated. It even acts on mold spores. All in all, properly installing a qualified commercial air purifier at home is a great way to improve the health of your family by cleaning the air around. 

Some worry that the UV light purifiers produce ozone. But the fact is many purifiers don’t. In addition, a tiny amount of ozone would not cause any health problems. If a UV light air purifier produces a high amount of ozone, it can create a health risk for you and your family. Therefore, when choosing, it is of great importance to pay attention to customer reviews and the experience and reputation of the supplier. And you get what you pay for, so don't skimp on your health!                  

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