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Epidemic protection science: ultraviolet germicidal lamp you really use for?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-28
Fight against pneumonia outbreak, the new champions league in addition to regular, goggles, masks, alcohol, ultraviolet germicidal lamp is also a kind of effective prevention. The new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program ( For the fifth edition) ', a new type of coronavirus is sensitive to uv germicidal lamp. Deep ultraviolet disinfection sterilization effect is strongest ultraviolet disinfection sterilization is old and effective method. The sun the quilt is the most primitive using ultraviolet light in addition to mites, disinfection sterilization. Joint innovation jin-min li, director of the state key laboratory of semiconductor lighting, according to the principle of ultraviolet disinfection sterilization is the use of high-energy ultraviolet interrupt the DNA double helix chain, so as to achieve the inactivated bacteria and viruses. Ultraviolet (uv) to implement effective sterilization needs to meet certain requirements, attention should be paid to the wavelength of ultraviolet (uv) light source, exposure dose and time, which must be under 280 nm wavelength UVC deep ultraviolet band, on different bacteria and viruses must meet certain dose and time, otherwise can not be inactivated. , according to researcher at the institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences 闫建昌 according to wavelength division, ultraviolet wavelengths can be divided into different wavelengths UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is one of the shortest wavelength highest energy band, actually for sterilization, really is the most effective UVC this is called the deep ultraviolet band. Compared with chemical sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection has the advantage of high efficiency, inactivated generally in a few seconds, and does not produce other chemical pollutants. can also be to inactivate microorganisms. Family can install by uv water purification water purification system, equipped with a uv lamp air purifier can be safely disposed of floating in the air bacteria. Sewage treatment plant, food factory, brewery, beverage plants also use ultraviolet sterilization. Use ultraviolet germicidal lamp to master skills due to ultraviolet radiation damage to the biological cell function, should pay attention to when using ultraviolet germicidal lamp don't direct exposure to the human body skin, more don't directly in the eye to look straight tubes. On the premise of safety, how to scientifically and effectively use ultraviolet germicidal lamp? The location of river, said to pay attention to, make the best use environment, at the same time pay attention to the using time. First, due to ultraviolet radiation in air penetration ability is very weak, it is difficult to achieve sterilization ability over a long distance, so when use should be placed as far as possible in the main antibacterial position, such as indoor, or easy to breed bacteria, distance around 1. 5m- It is advisable to 2 m. Second, when use should pay attention to use the influence of environment on the sterilization effect. Normally, the temperature between 27 ℃ to 40 ℃ the output of the uv intensity, the largest bactericidal effect is best, in addition to ensure the use environment clean and dry, environment, a lot of water and dust, all has the interference and weaken the effect of ultraviolet, reduce the actual uv intensity. When used in the home, as far as possible closed doors and Windows, pull a curtain, shut the lights, ensure indoor is in a dark condition, more conducive to give play to the role of sterilization, ultraviolet ray for easy breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, such as bed, can will be on the bed, and increase the contact area, more conducive to ultraviolet sterilization. Third, ultraviolet germicidal lamp should ensure adequate when using uv irradiation time. Research shows that irradiation after 5 minutes, to effective sterilization time, when up to 30 minutes, can achieve daily disinfection effect, when the irradiation time reaches 60 minutes, can kill the vast majority of bacteria and other microorganisms in the air.
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