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Effect of ultraviolet lamp tube on disinfection of object surface

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-16
The effect of ultraviolet lamp tube on the surface of objects is mainly affected by the effect of light on the surface of solid substances, especially opaque solid substances, due to the limited penetration of light. This article mainly writes about the influence of ultraviolet lamp on solid surface and its application. Ultraviolet light refers to a wavelength smaller than that of visible light, with a range of 200nm ~ 400nm, the part of light that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. It can be subdivided into C- band ultraviolet rays ( Can be referred to as UVC, the wavelength range is 200nm ~ 280nm), B- band ultraviolet ( Can be referred to as UVB, the wavelength range is 280nm ~ 320nm), A- band ultraviolet ( Can be referred to as UVA, the wavelength range is 320nm ~ 380nm). The ultraviolet lamp of C wave has strong bactericidal ability. Its principle is that the ultraviolet light of C wave can cut off the DNA links of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, making them lose their reproductive ability and play a bactericidal effect--Ultraviolet lamp. The peak value of its performance is at 265nm, which is related to the low-voltage ultraviolet lamp ( Such as CREATOR's CUL, CUH and GPH series low-voltage ultraviolet lamps and PHILIPS's TUV series low-voltage ultraviolet lamps)The spectral peak emitted (253. 7nm)Very close. Therefore, low-pressure mercury lamps are often used in places where the surface of objects needs to be disinfected. For food packaging containers (Especially non-heat resistant food packaging containers)Disinfect; On the food surface (Such as fruit, cheese, etc)Disinfect; For medical devices and places (Such as biosafety cabinets, operating rooms, wards)Disinfection, etc. The C- band ultraviolet rays can also act on the surface of the photocatalyst substance in combination with the catalyst substance to decompose the organic matter of macromolecules into water and carbon dioxide. This kind of efficiency is now being increasingly applied to the fields of light cleaning in microelectronics industry, degradation of organic waste gas in environmental protection industry, indoor air purification in household appliances industry, etc. It has been proved to be an efficient, environment-friendly, energy-saving and non-secondary pollution treatment method. B wave ultraviolet lamp is now mainly used for aging and yellowing test of object surface and promoting the growth of animals and plants. Medium pressure mercury lamp or low pressure mercury lamp with special fluorescent powder can be used as light source. And 310nm ~ 315nm narrow-band UVB can also be applied to the treatment of human skin diseases. Can effectively treat vitiligo, psoriasis and other diseases. For example, philips tl/01 series lamps are mainly used for the treatment of such skin diseases. Ultraviolet rays of A wave are widely used because of their strong ability to trigger photochemical reactions on the surface of specific substances. If fluorescence phenomenon is used, A wave ultraviolet rays can be applied to flaw detection, banknote inspection, criminal investigation, decoration and other fields. Using some special glues and inks to quickly cure under the irradiation of UVA ultraviolet rays, UVA ultraviolet rays can be applied to the fields of shadowless Adhesive curing, UV ink curing, product surface coating, etc ( Such as the application of low pressure UVA series lamps and medium and high pressure ultraviolet lamps). With its development efficiency, uva uv can be applied to the fields of exposure and printing in the printing and electronics industries ( Such as low pressure UVA series lamps and medium and high pressure ultraviolet lamps). The above is just a very brief introduction to the surface treatment of ultraviolet rays. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of light source production technology and the continuous research and development of new application fields, the application trend of ultraviolet rays is accelerating.
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