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Drip bottom filtration technology in aquarium

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-17
Drip bottom filtration technology in the aquarium; Drip filter is an ancient technology for water quality treatment. It was written by HellmuthWachtel's AquariumHygiene in 1963 ('Aquarium sentient beings') The book was found to be useful in the process of fish farming. After a long period of time, the drip filter was once again applied in the seawater aquarium in Holland. Coral sand and sea shells can be used as materials for water droplets, but because of the past experience, we must further understand the principle, in order to improve its action process. Therefore, a new generation of flow filters has been produced, which can meet the requirements; Effective, dynamic, and resistant to any operating and power interruption of the filter. The reasons originally used to oppose this kind of filtration system, such as: loss of nutrients, loss of carbon dioxide, large amount of evaporation, difficult maintenance, slow operation and unsatisfactory pH value, etc, now it doesn't exist, the latest flow filter has a biofilter ball (Dupla system) It meets all the necessary conditions and does not have any of the above shortcomings. Bacteria will be at 4 ~ Settle on plastic biofilter ball tissue within 6 weeks. As long as the aquarium continuously supplies organic metabolic products, they will reproduce stably. When the bacterial layer is too thick and hinders the reproduction of new bacteria, the old bacterial layer will peel off and fall into the bottom of the rear filter chamber to become sediment. The flow filter equipped with biofilter Balls does not require special care. Its pre-filtration chamber and post-filtration chamber are separated and do not need to be cleaned or replaced. The filter column can even be glued to the top, so the aquarium breeder can clean the filter room in operation without having to touch it. And the air from the water inlet flows back through the entire biofilter ball pile and then into the upper half of the system. Of course, we must pay attention to the air that does not allow nicotine (Cigarettes, pipes and cigars)Hinder the activity of bacteria in biofilter balls. Therefore, the air of the flow filter supplied in the smoking room must first pass through the activated carbon filter ( For example: Dupla carbon dioxide reactor'S'Or Dupla activated carbon). Since condensed humid air will supply the water tank, the evaporation loss cannot be measured. The drip filter will not be affected even when the power is interrupted, because the biofilter ball is still stored in the air circulation condition, however, the remaining air still contains enough oxygen to supply the bacterial layer in the filter for 2 ~ 3 days. Bacterial filtration in the drip filter also does not require any power, it does not emit carbon dioxide, and the nutrient concentration is maintained even longer in this system than in the surface protein demister. The biggest difference between the drip filter and the protein demister is that the drip filter can convert almost 100% of metabolites into nitrogen by aerobic bacteria, but it cannot oxidize some yellow substances. However, these yellow substances can be filtered by the activated carbon filter of the drip filter (Dupla system)Remove it. The oxygen concentration at day and night is 95% ~ Between 106%, these values are still stable even when the load of the aquarium reaches the highest point. We must install a sponge or nylon cotton pre-filter chamber before the drip filter, and the most ideal situation is to install a surface filter, we can add activated carbon in the rear filter Chamber, even the second surface filter. The operation of the drip filter must rely on a considerable amount of water, that is to say, the amount of circulating water must be at least 2 ~ of the aquarium capacity ~ 3 times. The volume of the biofilter ball must be 5% of the aquarium capacity ~ 10%. For example, the drip chamber of a 300-litre aquarium must be able to accommodate at least 15 ~ 30 liters of biofilter ball. The drip filter must match the load of the aquarium. If the load is light, the bacterial population is relatively small; If the load is heavy, the drip filter (If properly designed)You can also adjust it. However, it will not be successful to completely replace the protein demister with the drip filter, because if the protein demister is turned off, the drip filter cannot quickly adapt to the increased load, and it must cost 4 ~ It takes 6 weeks to automatically replace the function of the protein demister. On the other hand, although the protein demister has many shortcomings, its adaptability is better in this case because its system can immediately adapt to increase or decrease the load. If the drip filter has been properly designed, it is not necessary to turn on the protein demister, because the drip filter has been able to really clean up the water quality in the aquarium without causing any harm to the aquarium.
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