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Disinfection ultraviolet disinfection sterilization general how long does it take to reach?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-14
Ultraviolet sterilization disinfection normally as long as in the ultraviolet intensity scale, uv germicidal lamp for a few seconds to kill sucked into viruses, individual virus needs more than ten seconds to kill bacteria. The ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp is using gas discharge lamp, the uv lamp has a start time, generally speaking, 3 - 5 minutes to achieve the best sterilization effect, so normal sterilization needs more than 5 minutes. If disinfection is the object appearance, such as: drying the quilt, kitchen tableware disinfection in 15 - best Between 30 minutes. If is to want to kill the bacteria and viruses in the air, according to the room area disinfection control in 30 - time 120 minutes. In addition, the ultraviolet lamp has damage to the eyes and skin, use of time and the pet must be out, can't be uv rays, and even some and shade plants, such as calligraphy and painting to shading of ultraviolet sensitive items. The above article is about ultraviolet disinfection sterilization general need how long can achieve sterilization, we can understand and have a look.
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