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Disinfection cabinet electromagnetic lock is how to judge

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-17
Disinfection cabinet electromagnetic lock is how to judge a lot of people buy in disinfection cabinet electromagnetic lock afraid to buy inferior products but don't know how to judge today teach you how to avoid buying the bad products; First, choose good reputation, through the certification authority of the brand: the disinfection cabinet to kill the particularity of the object, its use effect is difficult to identify with the naked eye, so a lot of small factory is shoddy, and brand enterprise quality assured, as for a variety of certification, such as the ministry of health, the Chinese preventive medicine association national authoritative organization, because there is a perfect and scientific testing procedures and equipment and the test results can represent a company product quality and technical level. Second, to test the quality of the product: the tank and bowl frame in stainless steel, for the best, aluminum plate. Choose heat preservation effect of good product, this can shorten the work time, saves the electricity. Heat preservation effect depends on how well 'foam' material, can knock the tank with the hand, good foaming technology, knock up a very strong feeling, should not have hollow voice. Polyurethane (pu) as raw materials are generally good foaming materials. , turning on the power supply switch press individually, observation of ozone discharge condition, infrared quartz tube heating can work normally, listening voice of ozone generator discharge uniformity in a row. Then check that the power to open the door switch ( Leakage protection device) , can be repeated many times to open close test. Seal good disinfection cabinet to ensure that ozone concentration or sterilizing room temperature, in order to achieve the effect of disinfection. Testing can take a little thin cardboard, if you can easily insert disinfection cupboard door seam, the cupboard door seal is lax. Third, choose to have complete after-sales service products: good after-sales service was the key to choose. Figure products are often cheaper to buy a less known and inferior brand quality closes nevertheless, after-sales service commitment is hollow. Fourth, according to design the kitchen of choose and buy products:
should give priority to with flat, linear modelling, don't have too much bump and arc; Is given priority to with light color of a single color, color ways to do not have too much color or the color of the great difference influence the visual effect of the whole kitchen. Four is the summary of the above, for more information, please attention
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