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Development of Shi Ying casing

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-11
General situation of development of Shi Ying casing the production of Shi Ying products has a history of more than one hundred and sixty years abroad. In 1839, the French first melted Shi Ying ore with hydrogen and oxygen combustion flame to make Shi Ying products, in 1902, the British used graphite rods to obtain high-temperature quartz products. But until 1950s, with semiconductor technology and Shi Ying electric light source products (Quartz tube is its blister material) The development of the quartz products industry has developed rapidly. China's Shi Ying product industry developed late. After 1970s, with the country's reform and opening up, China introduced some advanced technologies and equipment to developed countries, and the Shi Ying product industry has made great progress. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's electronic information industry and electric light source industry, especially the explosive growth of photovoltaic industry, the total industrial output value of China's Shi Ying products industry has maintained a rapid growth. From 2001 to 2010, the average annual compound growth rate of sales in China's Shi Ying products industry is about 30. 80%. From the perspective of subdivided products, Shi Ying products are mainly used in electronic information industry, electric light source industry, photovoltaic industry and other fields. According to the statistics and analysis of China's Shi Ying glass professional committee, in 2010, the total sales volume of products in China's Shi Ying products industry was 22. 500 thousand tons, the sales amount is about 56. RMB 0. 3 billion. However, because most enterprises in our country have not mastered the core technologies such as the production technology of high-purity quartz sand raw materials and the production technology of fine processing Shi Ying products, most of the Shi Ying products produced by enterprises in our country belong to medium and low-end products, it is mainly used by low-end electric light source industry, etc. It is difficult to meet the quality requirements of high-end electric light source industry, semiconductor industry and photovoltaic industry. However, the high-purity and fine-processed Shi Ying products required by the domestic semiconductor and photovoltaic industries are still mainly imported from Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries at high prices. According to customs import and export data, in 2010, China imported 17,728 tons of Shi Ying products, with an import volume of 51,056. $640 thousand; During the same period, Shi Ying products exported 50,674 tons, with a cumulative export amount of 11,442. $770 thousand ( 'Summary of market situation in Shi Ying industry', Shi Ying glass Professional Committee of China building glass and industrial glass Association). From the comparison of import and export, it can be seen that China's Shi Ying products industry is still relatively backward in technology in the international market, with relatively low product grade and added value. Among them, in terms of Shi Ying sleeve products for electric light sources (Electric light source quartz tube) As the product quality meets the requirements of the electric light source industry and the price has obvious advantages over international manufacturers, in recent years, Quartz tubes for electric light sources in China not only meet the needs of domestic users, but also have a large number of exports, it has already dominated the world. In 2010, China's output of electric light source quartz tubes was over 34,000 tons, more than 170 times that of 30 years ago, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total output, making it the world's largest producer of electric light source quartz tubes. However, in terms of high-end Shi Ying products for semiconductors, due to the fact that most enterprises are unable to produce high-purity quartz sand raw materials and do not fully master the fine processing technology of Shi Ying products and other factors, most of the Shi Ying products for semiconductors produced in China are processed with supplied materials, I . e. high-purity quartz sand raw materials and semi-finished products imported from foreign countries are made into Shi Ying products after deep processing.
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