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Detection of ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity is what?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-23
Detection of ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity is what? Intensity of ultraviolet lamp radiation monitoring, monitoring of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity, there are two methods: (1) ultraviolet irradiation apparatus monitoring method: to determine the voltage 220 v + 5 v, temperature 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, relative humidity & lt; 60%. Open the lamp 5 min, will open the debugging good light irradiation apparatus cover on the lamp below the central vertical irradiation 1 m, read value until the meter number is relatively stable. Ultraviolet irradiation meter at least once every year by the measuring department verification, used in the period of validity. (2) ultraviolet intensity indicator CARDS monitoring method: open the lamp 5 min, place the uv intensity indicator card color piece face up in the middle of the tube below 1 m vertical irradiation for 1 min, the response immediately piece comparing with standard color piece, record the results. In 70 (including w/cm squared is bounded, reach or exceed judged to be qualified. Ultraviolet radiation monitoring indicator CARDS should be approved by the state administrative department of health, and used in the period of validity. Taizhou ultraviolet lamp lighting factory is a professional manufacturer, the company is located in the beijing-shanghai high-speed, high-speed ningtong expressway interchange, the transportation is convenient, and with Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, yangzhou, nanjing and other places, adjacent main products are: ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp, lamp and other series of products. Our factory has accumulated years of experience, and international famous company for the support of experts and photovoltaic technology research institutions. Now the company's technical level will increase steadily, and by the vast number of customer recognition. In order to further enhance the management level of the company, we strictly according to quality management system, further improve product quality, sales call:. Our factory main products are no ozone quartz uv germicidal lamps, high ozone quartz uv germicidal lamp
according to user needs can also manufacture all kinds of cold and hot cathode uv germicidal lamp, amalgam lamps, can be made corresponding electronic ballast, specialized for the central air conditioning, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, air purifiers, water treatment equipment, toothbrush sterilizer, water dispensers, health, biological research, pharmaceutical, environmental protection equipment, food processing and other Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide uv germicidal lamp.
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