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customer visiting UV lamp factory

customer visiting UV lamp factory


This customer is very organised and professional. We have been talking since our new year holiday in 2018. I sent quotation to him, then we add wechat each other and discuss more there. In Jan, he told me he would plan a visit to our factory in March. 

And on 18th March, I drive my car to the hotel near our factory and pick him to our factory. He’s very experienced and professional in UV technology. We show him around our factry and introduce every processing to him in very details, including the quartz material report, how to keep the uv lamp inside vacumn, bending U shape uv lamp, ageting test, quality inspecation etc

After that, we show him our lab and our test equipment for the filament, UVC illumination, and amalgam UV lamp test equip, and he seems very satisfied with our technology and our quality standard and control. 

Then we invite him to have lunch with us together. During the lunch, we talk and exchange much like the France red wine, Eiffel Tower tourism condition, and he’s also very nice to teach us how to enjoy the red wine insteading of swallow it. Besides this, he also share some top and the most updated UV technology in France in UVC sterilization field. 

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