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cold cathode UV lamp

Cold Cathode UV lamps are instant starting and utilize a large cylindrical cathode instead of a tungsten filament. As a result of this construction, the lamp is not adversely affected by frequent starting and the lifetime is considerably in excess of other lamp types. Cold cathode UV germicidal lamps have favorable operating features at reduced temperatures. They are, therefore, widely used in walk-in refrigerators and holding chambers. Cold Cathode germicidal lamps are well suited to disinfection of air and surfaces due to their long life and low depreciation. Cold Cathode germicidal lamps are also utilized in applications where frequent starting is a requirement. Available in Low Ozone and Ozone Producing models.

LiangYueLiang UV Lamp has created a variety of successful series, and cold cathode UV lamp is one of them. LiangYueLiang UV Lamp carries out rigorous excellent monitoring and cost control on every production link of uv lamp maker, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has greater quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry. LiangYueLiang cold cathode UV lamp manufacturer & supplier can offer quality products for consumers. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive after-sales support system to address all kinds of problems in time.

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