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Aquatic animals ultraviolet germicidal lamp to be used in the airtight pipeline vibration dynamic

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-26
Aquatic animals ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp using ultraviolet sterilizing lamp inside the tank, to use in airtight pipeline, of fish, grass, people cannot shine. 254 nm ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp only to cycle through its shine piping water sterilization, to pick on the filter material beneficial bacteria ( EM bacteria) No effect. But within a week after adding nitrifying bacteria, avoid using ultraviolet sterilization lamp, because the nitrifying bacteria attached on the filter material need time. With 185 nm ozone ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp cannot be used for aquatic animals box for a long time, only applies to open cylinder before disinfection. Because of its produce ozone, along with the water cycle, will destroy the EM bacteria on the filter material. Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp without open long, half an hour (daily or weekly basis Depending on the whole cylinder water thoroughly cycle time length) You can. Above is the bright moon to our narrative aquarium ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp to use in the airtight pipeline, must pay attention to, know it will be better able to use it, the simple description is expected to help us to understand, need to consult to contact us.
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