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Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp what role do you know?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-01
Can be useful to kill all kinds of bacteria in water, together play an inhibitory effect on algae tank ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp appropriate sterilization lamp, is a kind of very good fish farming equipment, its appropriate treatment effect on ozone machine, but no ozone machine processing more perfect. The biggest difference between it and the ozone machine 'is a direct effect, a direct effect', both applied to family fish is very convenient and useful. The fish tank, a live fish tank, cylinder body transparent, more for glass quality, also can be used for breeding tropical fish may goldfish have the effect of appreciation. Really can sterilization of ultraviolet lamp is a person can't contact, because the harmful to human body. Basically, flowers and birds fish that sell are fake, it's probably not much effect of ultraviolet lamp. A good ultraviolet light bulb can start effect is ZOOMED brand imported from Germany, is about 680 RMB it is best not to believe the best buy to buy submersible seal ultraviolet lamp. The smallest type of about $100. If you have develop nitrifying bacteria had better not use, will kill all the nitrifying bacteria. I don't recommend to use, want to clear the water filtering is the anhydrous state, I think is the way the filter material. I never have to uv germicidal lamp I don't have to change water can keep one year. Above is the bright moon to talk about the fish tank and how does ultraviolet germicidal lamp, you can understand and have a look.
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