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Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp in tank of how to use?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-16
Aquatic animals the ultraviolet germicidal lamp uv germicidal lamp concatenated in the pipe. Specific uv germicidal lamps using method: using ultraviolet germicidal lamp inside the tank, to use in airtight pipeline, not to illuminate of fish, grass, people. 254 nm uv germicidal lamp only to cycle through the irradiation sterilization water pipeline, to pick on the filter material beneficial bacteria ( EM bacteria) No effect. But within a week after adding nitrifying bacteria, prevent the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, because of nitrifying bacteria on the filter material needs time. With 185 nm ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp can not be used for aquatic animals box for a long time, only applies to open cylinder before disinfection. Because of its occurrence of ozone, along with the water cycle, will destroy the EM bacteria on the filter material. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp need not open long, half an hour (daily or weekly basis Depending on the whole cylinder water thoroughly cycle time length) You can. Above is bright moon told us the aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp in tank of how to use, we can understand and see curt, demand consulting to contact us.
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