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Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to install and use?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-06
Many people will raise a goldfish in the home, and half of the fish tank inside will be equipped with sterilization lamp, but we will need to replace if the sterilization lamp is broken, so do you know how to put aquarium ultraviolet sterilizing lamp? What tank using method of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp? Understand aquarium ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp: sterilization lamp belongs to low pressure mercury lamp, using low pressure mercury vapor from two invisible ultraviolet ray, the spectral line basically has two, one for 253. Article 7 nm wavelength, a 185 nm wavelength. After cells to absorb ultraviolet light, the effect on cell's genetic material, through the photochemical effect, uv energy can cause the genetic material variation, the bacteria died instantly or unable to reproduce, and to reach the purpose of sterilization. Aquarium ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp method how to choose and use aquarium how pack normally, ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp sterilization lamp demand device before the outlet, filter, which can effectively kill harmful bacteria, can also prevent other beneficial bacteria were destroyed; There are fish friends put together the sterilization lamp and the water pump, and then to achieve the effect of sterilization. No matter where put, should pay attention to prevent eyes look straight into the sterilization lamp or prolonged exposure under the sterilization lamp, preventing formation damage. Aquarium ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp selection and use in the market now there are many kinds of sterilization lamp. All sizes. There are a lot of people choose a smaller sterilization lamp. Is a lamp and a transformer. Also has is with a chimney, is larger. The sterilization lamp if direct human body will have damage to the human body. Especially can not directly shine on eyes and skin. Believe that we know about this. In the same way. If a root into the eyes of the tubes to fish alone or skin appearance also can form damage? So when using the tank sterilization lamp must be specifically noted. Else, use the tank sterilization lamp, because fish tank with routinely pumps, so just pick when choosing a low efficiency of the motor, then will the water sterilization lamp, the slower the better, such ability ensure every trickle out of the water through a long time the sterilization lamp to shine. This will have a better effect. Sterilization lamp also don't need every day. Above is the bright moon to talk about the fish tank ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to install and use, you know and see, simple, want to learn more about the sterilization lamp problem can contact us.
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