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Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp can use hand touch?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-06
Really able to tank ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a person can't contact, because the harmful to human body. Basically, flowers and birds fish that sell are fake or not much effect of uv lamp. A good ultraviolet light bulb can start effect is ZOOMED brand imported from Germany, is about 680 RMB it is best not to believe the best buy to buy submersible seal ultraviolet lamp. The smallest model are about $100. If you have a cultivation of nitrifying bacteria had better not use, will kill all the nitrifying bacteria. I don't introduce use, want to clear the water filtering, that is, without water, I thought that increase the filter material is out of the way. I always don't have the lamp I don't have to change water can stick to one year. Above is the bright moon to talk about the fish tank ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be touched by hand, everybody can understand and see, there are also inadequate points we can advise more, want to know more consultation can contact our manufacturer.
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