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Application Scope and suggestions of ultraviolet disinfection lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-10

ultraviolet disinfection lamps can help protect our world and kill bacteria, viruses and other protozoa safely and economically. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp still has bactericidal effect when organisms are immune to other purification methods, and is an ideal choice for wide application in air purification, water and surface sterilization and other fields.

The application range of ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be from hospital to laboratory, from food processing industry such as dairy products, wine making and bread to cold storage room and air conditioning system, ultraviolet disinfection lamps can produce different solutions and can be used in various fields to make our environment cleaner, safer and more hygienic.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

besides being used in industry, single-family families are also widely used at present. We listed several common problems in families that need to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps.

* with patients at home (Especially infectious diseases or respiratory diseases)

* for the elderly in the family

* there are infants in the family

* living in the basement, semi-basement, not ventilated, rarely can touch the sun.

* The family has kept pets or other small animals

* The family has weak resistance, always easy to catch a cold or diarrhea

* family members have skin diseases. (For mites have a good bactericidal effect)

* the bathroom or kitchen at home is not ventilated and cannot be exposed to sunlight all the year round.

* The family has not lived for a long time, or disinfected before living in a new house! Disinfection of family rooms (Especially the shady room without sunshine) Thoroughly sterilize and disinfect the indoor air of bedding furniture articles by ultraviolet irradiation.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

suggestion: attention should be paid to the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, because ultraviolet ray can destroy cell structure and kill it, therefore, when disinfecting with ultraviolet rays, attention should be paid not to directly irradiate human skin, especially human eyes, and do not look directly at the lamp tube when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is lit. If you are not narrow-minded and injured, the general situation is irrelevant. Serious eye drops or human milk can help you recover. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp has Ozone and no ozone. If the lamp has Ozone, do not use it in someone's situation.

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