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Application Analysis of ultraviolet sterilization lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-11
Analysis of the application of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection lamps. At present, among the ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection lamps used, the most common problem is that the attenuation of the radiation intensity of the lamp tube has not been severely suppressed by the user, and it is believed that as long as the lamp tube is on, it must have the ability to sterilize. The quality and quality of the lamp tube are evaluated by the general concept of using fluorescent tubes, and the quality is determined by the visual weakness of the visible light and the free degree of the visible light. Such a method is easily misunderstood, and the lamp tube that does not have the ability to disinfect and sterilize will continue to be used. Of course, the items that have not been completely disinfected will be mistaken for being disinfected and used. As a result, it leads to infection, poisoning and disease-causing results, and if the cause of disease cannot be found, it will not be lost due to small size. How to judge the quality of ultraviolet germicidal lamp? How to use it? The following key points can be used as a reference: 1. According to the guidance of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization technical standards, each microorganism has its own specific dose standard for ultraviolet disinfection and death, and its dose is the product of irradiation intensity and Irradiation time {K (Killing dose)= I (Irradiation strong degree)T (Irradiation time)}. According to the formula, the effect of high-intensity short-time irradiation is the same as that of low-intensity long-time irradiation. How many years have the average user used the lamp? What is the irradiation intensity? Is there still sterilization ability? Can not be reviewed and tested, completely unable to master. For products to be disinfected but not completely disinfected, it is really a great risk to produce, sell and use them regardless of their carrier condition. 2. The ultraviolet lamp tube is made of pure shi ying glass tube made of natural crystal. At present, due to different cost relations and uses, it is also replaced by high borax glass tube, and its characteristics and effects are quite different. Pure quartz tube made of natural crystal as raw material, and high borax glass tube with high borax as raw material, the two not only have a lot of difference in effect, but also the price difference is several times, therefore, it should be chosen depending on where it is used. The ultraviolet penetration rate of pure quartz tube is> 80%, and that of high borax glass tube is <50%. According to the above data, unless the disinfection is complete, it is regarded as a non-important factor, and the service life is not considered for the key equipment, the ultraviolet lamp tube made of Shi Ying glass tube should be considered. 3. Ultraviolet light penetration ability, not as high as imagined, any paper, lead glass, plastic will greatly the low intensity of radiation. Therefore, the dust, oil on the lamp will directly affect its penetration ability. Therefore, before using the new lamp tube, wipe it with gauze stained with 75% alcohol to remove oil stains, hand sweat and dust. The lamp tube and quartz tube in use should be wiped and cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the ultraviolet penetration rate and irradiation intensity. 4. Ultraviolet rays have a strong lethality to bacteria and also have certain harm to the human body. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of the eyes, therefore, it is not possible to look directly at the lighted lamp tube at any time to avoid injury. In case you have to look at it, ordinary glass (Wear glasses)Or transparent plastic film as a protective mask. Never use quartz glass, because ordinary glass is almost completely inaccessible to ultraviolet rays. Once injured, don't panic, burn your face, and the epidermis will fall off a few days later and heal without medicine. Eye injuries can cause discomfort, tears, and tingling. It takes about three or four days to heal. In any case, it is still recommended to consult a doctor immediately when encountering injuries. 5. The user unit or the installation manufacturer shall regularly carry out the radiation intensity test, and the lamp tube found to be insufficient should be replaced immediately. Ultraviolet rays are non-visible light, and the purple-blue light in low-pressure discharge lamps is mercury vapor pressure. Although the intensity of mercury vapor pressure is still related to ultraviolet rays, it does not directly represent the intensity of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the strength of ultraviolet rays cannot be judged by the strength of purple-blue light in the visible light band. Among them, there are also the light attenuation of Shi Ying glass and the coefficient of ultraviolet penetration. That is to say, the of ultraviolet rays cannot be determined by naked eyes.
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