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Air disinfection, ventilation can replace ultraviolet ray?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-14
Air disinfection, ventilation can replace ultraviolet ray? 'Standard of hospital air purification management' ( WS/T368- 2012). Rules: in the treatment room, dressing room, all kinds of ordinary ward, infection department outpatient and ward and other places can choose the following method to purify the air. These methods include: (1) ventilation; (2) central air conditioning ventilation system; (3) circulating air ultraviolet air disinfector or static adsorption type air disinfector or other approved by the ministry of health disinfection products health permit air disinfector. (4) ultraviolet lamp irradiation disinfection; (5) chemical disinfection. Therefore, in the common ward medical facilities, such as in the case of good ventilation conditions, ventilation can achieve the purpose of air purification. For ventilation condition is bad, can choose the ultraviolet lamp irradiation or other ways for air disinfection.
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