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After the sterilization lamp sterilization to do?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-30
After the sterilization lamp sterilization to do? Regular time of sterilization, after the completion of the ventilation and a half hours compared with alcohol, disinfectant sterilization products, such as ultraviolet germicidal lamp the biggest characteristic is 'fast', so when using the sterilization lamp don't have to be open for a long time, but should be combined with space usable floor area, reasonable sterilization time schedules. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is equipped with three gears timing function, corresponding to different space use area of a 15 minutes, apply to about 10 ㎡ space second 30 minutes, 60 minutes is suitable for the space of about 20 ㎡ third, apply to about 40 ㎡ space when, after the completion of regular sterilization lamp will shut down automatically, due to the uv decomposition after oxygen in the air, a certain amount of respiratory effects of ozone, suggest half an hour after the sterilization indoor and ventilated. Although the ozone sterilizing lamp contains no antiseptic, only trace amounts of ozone is produced after use, but in line with the attitude of the interests of users, as far as possible after the completion of disinfection ventilation gas well.
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