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Advantages and precautions of water treatment ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-28

sewage treatment plants usually use two categories: 1, pharmaceutical disinfection 2, ultraviolet disinfection method.

pharmaceutical disinfection is usually used: chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and ozone. The cost of disinfection with medicament is higher, and the cost of disinfection with ultraviolet ray is lower; The disinfection and disinfection of the drug are relatively thorough, and the ultraviolet disinfection is not thorough enough; Disinfection of medicament has residual medicament, while ultraviolet disinfection has no residue; Ultraviolet Disinfection of ultraviolet lamps also need to be cleaned regularly. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube with bright moon light source is still good. 120W special UV lamp tube for sewage treatment can be used for sewage treatment. The cumulative time of each ultraviolet lamp tube is 10000 Hours, and if it exceeds 10000 hours, it should be replaced with a new one in time. Remember to indicate the replacement time and the accumulated use time. In addition, the sewage filtered by the ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be reused in many fields to realize the recycling of sewage. It can be used to irrigate farmland, forest land and lawn to avoid the damage of chemical disinfectants to plants, and it can be used to recharge groundwater to prevent the formation blockage caused by the reproduction of microorganisms due to their adaptability to chemical disinfectants. With the in-depth study of ultraviolet disinfection mechanism, the continuous development of ultraviolet disinfection technology and the continuous improvement of disinfection device design, ultraviolet disinfection method is expected to become one of the main methods to replace traditional chlorination disinfection. The above is the introduction of the advantages, prospects and precautions of ultraviolet disinfection lamps for sewage treatment, hoping to be helpful to everyone. For more products, please pay attention to our official website: lyluvlight. com

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