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Advantages and disadvantages of ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-13
Advantages and disadvantages of ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp Shi Ying glass tube can transmit ultraviolet rays in all wave bands. In low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp, mercury vapor will generate ultraviolet rays with 185nm wavelength, ultraviolet rays of this wavelength can change O2 in the outside air to 03 (Ozone) Ozone is a non-long active molecule, and it is easy to react with other molecules, causing re-decomposition and conversion into oxygen to achieve the purpose of renewing air and deodorizing and sterilizing. The quartz glass tube with special ingredients can effectively control the UV emission of 185nm wavelength to achieve the purpose of controlling more or less ozone. Due to the needs of the application, there is low ozone (No ozone), Ozone, high ozone and other products. Generally, ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp is not recommended when there is a person's activity or space, because ozone in the air will promote the coagulation of hemoglobin after being inhaled into the body, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the human body, dizziness and nausea affect health. Especially when the concentration reaches> 0. At 3 PPM (Mg/㎡) Working in an environment will cause serious harm. Be careful with the use of additional Ozone Sterilization lamps.
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