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LiangYueLiang UV Lamp carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce uv light manufacturers which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.Supported by advanced technology, LiangYueLiang UV Lamp has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of uv light manufacturers, as shown in the following aspects.
Application Scope
uv lamp manufacturer developed by LiangYueLiang UV Lamp is widely used, mainly in the following scenes.With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, LiangYueLiang UV Lamp is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.
Company Advantages
1. LiangYueLiang is tested under a completely advanced testing environment, which allows it to be compatible with both domestic and international lighting standard in the market.
2. Our strict quality management system ensures that our products are always in the best quality.
3. The product has received much attention since its launch and is considered to be more successful in the future market.
4. This product has great economic benefits and is very popular among customers.

Bipolar High Energy Ion Air Purifier

Vertical High Energy Ion Air Purifier
Horizontal High Energy Ion Air Purifier


    Plasma Ionization tube




Working principle:

The electrons in the atomic atoms in the air are converted into charged ions by a specific voltage. When air passes through the ionization tube, millions of positive and negative ions are formed .These ions is calculated and measured accurately to simulate the air environment where you feel you were in the middle of the forest, and you could feel the indoor air is fresher. Besides it is effective to solve various indoor air pollutions.


Remark:: 1. Low concentration exhaust gas can be directly in contact with high energy ionizer.

                2.It is available to combine and installed according to the working conditions.

Special reminder: high concentration of flammable and explosive exhaust gas is prohibited from direct contact with high energy ion generator! ! ! The exhaust gas pipeline and the high-energy ion generator pipeline must be independent individuals, and then the exhaust gas and the ion wind are simultaneously introduced into the reaction box to be fully and effectively reacted and discharged.

What is the ion in the air?? >>>>>>>>>>>>

An ion is a charged molecule or atom. A positively charged atom is called a positive ion, and a negatively charged atom is called a negative ion. The formation of ions is mainly caused by intense impactor friction in the air particles (such as when lightning or water molecules fall from the waterfall), turning electrons in the atom into charged ions. These ions are very active and can even solve many air pollution problems.


<<<<<<<< Bipolar High Energy Ion Air Purifier Installation



Bipolar high-energy plasma air prevents and suppresses infectious diseases that are mediated by air and surface, reducing the incidence of respiratory diseases (rhinitis/asthma). Reduce the cleaning frequency and maintenance cost of air-conditioning pipes, and save energy consumption of air-conditioning operation by 35%-75%. 

There are no wearing parts or consumables, which is convenient and simple to use.

Ion Air purifier Application

Commercial Air Purify
Medical Disinfection
Household air purify
VOCs Solution

Company Features
1. In recent years Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology has emerged in the plasma air purify industry and created the LiangYueLiang brand.
2. Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology has different technical employees and management employees.
3. Whenever there is a need for us, Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology will provide timely help. Get more info! It is the tenet of plasma air purify that accelerates the development of LiangYueLiang. Get more info!
The design of LiangYueLiang plasma air purify covers different areas of consideration. They are silhouette, fabric, color, pattern, texture, graphics, fashion direction, and so forth. The components of this product can be disassembled with little effort
LiangYueLiang plasma air purify has passed many tests conducted by third-party testing labs. It has been tested in terms of fiber content, tensile & tear strength, shrinkage, and colorfastness. Easy to care for, this product helps save maintenance costs for factory owners
LiangYueLiang plasma air purify is designed embracing imaginative and aesthetic elements. Factors such as space style and layout have been considered by the designers who aim to inject both innovation and attractiveness into the piece. This product features high precision with the help of the micro-computer
The quality control for LiangYueLiang plasma air purify is carried out meeting specified quality requirements. The product will be inspected in terms of sewing and stitching quality, appearance quality (pilling and fray), specification matching, etc. This product is highly resistant to strong chemicals due to its protective coating
During the design of LiangYueLiang plasma air purify, many factors have been considered. They are fabric quality, color mix, style, stitching workmanship, comfort, and convenience. This product has been praised by its prominent energy-saving effect
Adopt strict quality control system to provide strong guarantee for product quality.
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